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Near agricultural grain fields and in grassland with mixed sage.

Dark, lean meat with a rich flavor.  Good table fare.

Excellent populations statewide.

Valid Idaho hunting license, Migratory Bird (HIP) Permit.

This species is fond of open and semi-open habitats, rather than dense vegetation. They frequent prairies, farms, grasslands, and lightly wooded areas. They are generally absent from swamp and forest habitat. Like pigeons, they have adapted well to urbanization and thrive near cities and farms.

Doves are seed eaters, and prefer to eat off the ground since their legs are not well built for scratching soil for food or navigating obstacles. For this reason they will be in grassy or weedy areas or near agricultural fields that have corn, wheat, barley, sunflower or other grain crops.  

Doves will typically roost in trees near feeding areas and water. Shortly after dawn they will fly to their feeding area where they will stay until mid day. During the day they will be perching, loafing at graveling sites, or at watering holes for an hour or two. By midday they will return to their feeding sites, and then visit water once more before returning to the roost just before sunset.