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Below you will find images and post copy to use for Facebook or Instagram. Use these posts to help you and your organization talk about hunting mentorship, hunter ed, and your commitment to Idaho Fish & Game. Feel free to use them as-is or as a starting place for your own ideas.

Share the experiences that can’t easily be put into words, and share the feelings of excitement when someone makes a discovery! When you mentor a first-time hunter, you do more than just teach them to use their skills in the hunting courses. You teach them the skills you’ve learned, and you pass on an appreciation for nature that will now last for another generation. To find out more about mentoring visit today.

Want to try hunting but not sure if it’s for you? With our Hunting Passport, you can be mentored by an experienced hunter and try hunting without having to commit to a hunter’s education course! Learn more at

It’s not often that you get to guide someone through an experience that could be easily defined as life-changing. When you mentor a fledgling hunter, you are passing all your knowledge and passion onto a new generation. Ensuring that the love of hunting and preservation of the wilderness continues. Sign the mentorship pledge today at

Every new hunting season brings with it an entirely new adventure and a lifetime of experiences. Our hunter’s ed courses prepare you for the adventure. Learn more at

A bird hunter’s paradise is closer than you think. Idaho provides millions of acres of public land for hunters to enjoy. Learn where to hunt at

Learning something new begins with an adventure. Get your first-time hunting passport and start your adventure with a mentor today for only $1.75. Learn more at

Everyone starts somewhere. With the hunter’s education course being online as well as in-person it’s easier than ever to start hunting. Find out more at

Grab a friend and chase adventure. First-time hunters can postpone hunter education for one year when they hunt with a licensed hunter through the Idaho Fish and Game Hunter Passport program. Learn more at

When you sign up to mentor a fledgling hunter you gain a whole new perspective, an appreciation for hunting, and the ability to see things through a fresh set of eyes. Sign the mentorship pledge today at

Every journey starts with a single step. And with our online and in-person hunter’s education courses you can be ready to start yours. Learn more at

Learn more about taking a new hunter under your wing. Take the pledge and sign up today to receive information about mentorship tips & tricks at

This hunting season, take the pledge to take a new hunter under your wing. First-time hunters can bypass hunter education for a year and hunt with a licensed hunter for less than $2. Learn more at